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Our Region’s Business segment featuring the LDI XXVII PopUp! Project
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Photos from the 2020 Champagne Luncheon

Thank you to all who attended the 2020 luncheon! We hope to see you again in 2021 on Friday, January 15, 2021 – mark your calendars now.

Thank you to Natalie Bencivenga of the Post-Gazette for their coverage of the 2020 Champagne Luncheon
Big Table Pittsburgh – Post Gazette – Walkabout: You don’t have to knock yourself out to be an agent of change
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Photos from The Big Table Pittsburgh

Thank you to everyone who hosted and participated in the inaugural Big Table Pittsburgh event on April 17th.  If you have photos that we can add to this gallery, please send them to bigtable@lpinc.org.

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Photos from the 2019 Champagne Luncheon

Thank you to all who attended the 2019 luncheon! We hope to see you again in 2020 on Tuesday, January 14, 2020 – mark your calendars now.

Thank you to Natalie Bencivenga of the Post-Gazette for their coverage of the 2019 Champagne Luncheon
Aradhna Oliphant Receives Prestigious Moe Coleman Award

Aradhna Oliphant Receives Prestigious Moe Coleman Award

Leadership Pittsburgh Inc. President and CEO, Aradhna M. Oliphant has received the prestigious Moe Coleman Award for Excellence in Community Service which honors our community’s greatest civic servants and recognizes those who have followed in his path. Fellow 2018 award recipients are Laura Ellsworth of Jones Day and Saleem Ghubril of The Pittsburgh Promise.

The Moe Coleman award creates a lasting tribute to the Institute of Politics’ founding director, for the substantial and enduring contributions he has made to the Southwestern Pennsylvania region in the areas of public policy and governance, education, health and human services, and human equity. The award also recognizes elected and non-elected community leaders who, by personal example and sustained generosity, have made a significant impact in the region.

Click here read more about the Coleman Award https://iop.pitt.edu/…/coleman-a…/2018-coleman-award-winners.

Three LPI Alums Included In Prestigious List of Athena Award Finalists

Tacy Byham | LP XXII | CEO, DDI Inc.

Casey Ryan | LDI VI | Global Head of Legal Personnel, Senior Management Team Member and Partner, Reed Smith LLP

Lisa Scales | LP XXVII | President and CEO, Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

Read the Full Pittsburgh Business Times Article Here

Women leaders are rising. But it’s not really the ‘Year of the Woman,’ but the Era of Everyone.

Women leaders are rising. But it’s not really the ‘Year of the Woman,’ but the Era of Everyone.

The rise of a new generation of women running for office this year is sometimes likened to a wave, an abrupt reaction to the cultural moment in which we find ourselves. I prefer to see it as a larger shift in the seas.

Waves come and go, but I am hoping for something more permanent, a rising tide finally sweeping away ancient fears of powerful women and tired beliefs that female leaders subtract from men’s opportunities rather than add to the broader good.

As a woman who grew up in India’s strict patriarchy, and who despite that has often found herself frustrated by the gender bias that still exists in a supposedly more liberated America, I am deeply heartened by the current crop of women mobilizing for political action.

But there is a danger in viewing 2018 as yet another “year of the woman,” which seems to suggest a single moment of hopeful triumph in what really needs to be understood as a much longer struggle toward a healthier and better society for us all, regardless of our gender.

Read more of Aradhna’s op-ed on Pittsburgh Post Gazette