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Unboxed, a recent conference organized by Leadership Pittsburgh, brought together some of the region’s most innovative minds to explore topics ranging from new ways of treating brain trauma to the lost art of breast feeding. Unboxed is the most recent program launched by Leadership Pittsburgh Inc. Aradhna Oliphant, President and CEO of Leadership Pittsburgh, is joined by two current participants, Chris Jordheim, Wealth Director with PNC Wealth Management, and Belinda Ashley, Chief United States Probation Officer, to discuss the Unboxed event and the value that Leadership Pittsburgh brings to participants and to the broader community.

Leadership Pittsburgh Inc.’s recent Unboxed Conference challenges traditional forms of Education for the “ultimate intellectual buffet”

‘Unboxed’: Leadership Pittsburgh’s seminar challenges traditional forms of education


“You might think of it as the ultimate intellectual buffet.

Leadership Pittsburgh’s inaugural Unboxed event on Friday and Saturday at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort featured 31 speakers who talked about everything from new educational games to brain research to eyeball transplants.

With the “Edges of Learning” as its main theme, many of the speakers focused on ways of improving the educational system and our ability to learn throughout our lives.”

Read the full story here: http://www.post-gazette.com/business/development/2014/11/18/Leadership-Pittsburgh-s-seminar-challenges-traditional-forms-of-education/stories/201411180051

2015 Champagne Lunch recognized by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

2015 Champagne Lunch recognized by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Leadership Pittsburgh Inc. celebrated 2015 at the annual Champagne Luncheon & Alumni Connection event with a toast to leadership. Read more here.

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