Photos from The Big Table Pittsburgh

Woodland Hills School - Hammonds 2Woodland Hills School - Hammonds 1VLP 2VLP 1Threadbare - Tim and JosiahTedx 1Sayward BOA 1Presby Senior Care (1)Porter Wright MorrisPolice 1Police 2Police 4Police 5Police 7Police 9Police 10Police 11Police 12Pittsburgh Airport 5Pittsburgh Airport 3Pittsburgh Airport 2Murdoch 1Leonard Hammonds 1La Palapa 3La Palapa 2IEEHSCC 2CMU NeuroscienceCounty Exec OfficeDick Building CoFirst Commonwealth 1First Commonwealth 2Food Bank 1Food Bank 2Food Bank 3HSCC 120190417_AO_Big_Table_022820190417_AO_Big_Table_0020120190417_AO_Big_Table_017620190417_AO_Big_Table_016820190417_AO_Big_Table_015720190417_AO_Big_Table_010420190417_AO_Big_Table_009520190417__Community_Conversations_MD_007720190417__Community_Conversations_MD_006820190417__Community_Conversations_MD_0044Big Table Breakfast at Global Links 2019Northside Common Ministries 1Northside Common Ministries 2Northside Common Ministries 3Northside Common Ministries 4Northside Common Ministries 5WEN

Thank you to everyone who hosted and participated in the inaugural Big Table Pittsburgh event on April 17th.  If you have photos that we can add to this gallery, please send them to bigtable@lpinc.org.