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Leadership Pittsburgh

Connecting you with other leaders, the Pittsburgh region and your goals

"Leadership Pittsburgh offered me comprehensive information about our community, opportunities to meet with other community leaders, an avenue to develop friendships with new colleagues, the ability to identify ways to contribute to our community and insight into my own leadership skills."

“Leadership Pittsburgh was the most impressive event in my recent professional and personal life.”


Leadership Pittsburgh (LP) is our signature program designed to challenge established local leaders to:

  • Learn more about themselves;
  • Expand their professional and personal networks;
  • Augment their leadership skills;
  • Develop a systemic view of our community;
  • Examine how community elements work and/or don't work together;
  • Explore the issues that will impact the future of SW Pennsylvania;
  • Enhance their civic engagement to impact the regional agenda on a local level.

For the company investing in the present as well as the future:

Leadership Pittsburgh (LP) is a 10 month program for established senior leaders. This creative and innovative leadership training program was pioneered in Pittsburgh and has served as a model for several others around the country. Our faculty utilize data-driven training models and provide access to experts who share their experiences as our community builds on the capacity of those individuals who are leading this community now and who will be affecting change in our region in the coming years. It strengthens the bonds of this highly talented pool with others in their cohort and within the region. The networks of LP are a retention and investment tool for our area's businesses and nonprofits.

Leadership Pittsburgh’s unique format makes the Pittsburgh region your classroom.

From September through June, the monthly Leadership Pittsburgh program provides 60 participants with the exposure, experiences and connections that prepare them to tackle the challenges of senior leadership in our community. In less than 10 months, our participants view the region and local events in a deeper and profound new way.

As a participant, you will:

  • Meet with regional leaders
  • Conduct site visits
  • Engage in hands-on experiences
  • Participate in roundtable, small- and large-group discussions
  • Learn first-hand what is happening in core societal sectors
  • Discover how these sectors are interrelated
  • Decide how to be an agent of change in your community.

Session topics typically include economic and community development, inclusion, education, arts and culture, justice and human services issues, and local government

Who are Leadership Pittsburgh participants?

Anyone who is a leader at work and/or in the community with significant spheres of influence, has the desire to expand his or her knowledge of the region, and is willing to make the time commitment to successfully complete the program. Those selected for the Leadership Pittsburgh program must be ready to invest 10-12 hours each month to learn, grow and contribute as collaborative leaders. Leadership Pittsburgh participants are:

  • Established leaders in business, nonprofit, government and civic entities with significant spheres of influence
  • Ready to go behind the headlines, think creatively, and act collaboratively
  • Looking for a leadership experience that captures their spirit of purpose, learning, and contribution to the community
  • Seeking to broaden their professional networks and to make an even bigger contribution to their organization
  • New to the area OR have a renewed interest sparked by a new job, new inspiration, or new phase of life
  • Open to people, places and opportunities in the Greater Pittsburgh region
  • Willing to participate in monthly sessions from September through June with approximately 60other high-achieving professionals

A few of the graduates of Leadership Pittsburgh:

  • Richard Armstrong, Director, Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation and Museum, LP X
  • Barbara Baker, President & CEO, Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium, LP XI
  • Malik G. Bankston, Executive Director, Kingsley Association, LP XVI
  • Betsy Benson, Publisher/Editor, Pittsburgh Magazine, LP XXI
  • Daniel I. Booker, Partner, Reed Smith LLP, LP IV
  • Tacy Byham, Ph. D., Senior Consultant, Executive Solutions, Development Dimensions International, LP XXIII
  • R. Yvonne Campos, President, Campos Market Research, Inc., LP IX
  • August R. Carlino, President & CEO, Steel Industry Heritage Corporation, LP XIII
  • Donald K. Carter, F.A.I.A., President, Urban Design Associates, LP I
  • Leo Castagnari, Vice President, King Communications, LP XVI
  • Richard Citrin, President, Citrin Consulting, LP XXIV
  • Joy Flowers Conti, United States District Judge, U.S. Court WPA District, LP IV
  • Evan Frazier, Senior Vice President, Community Affairs, Highmark, LP XIV
  • Jon Delano, Money and Political Editor, KDKA-TV, LP V
  • Linda A. Dickerson, Principal, 501(c)(3)2, LP IV
  • Jane Downing, Senior Program Officer, The Pittsburgh Foundation, LP V
  • Michele Fabrizi, President and CEO, MARC USA, LP XI
  • Andrea Fox, M.D., Medical Director, Squirrel Hill Health Center, LP XVII
  • Peggy B. Harris, President and CEO, Three Rivers Youth, LP VII
  • Linda Hippert, Executive Director, Allegheny Intermediate Unit, LP XXIV
  • Sylvan Holzer, President, PNC Financial Service Group, Inc., LP II
  • Sharon McDaniel-Lowe, President & CEO, A Second Chance, Inc., LP XVIII
  • Ellen A. Roth, Ph.D., President, Getting to the Point, Inc., LP XIII
  • Caryn B. Rubinoff, Principal, The Rubinoff Company, LP XV
  • A. William Schenck III, President, Tri State Capital Bank, LP I
  • Brian Schreiber, President and CEO, Jewish Community Center of Pittsburgh, LP XVII
  • Lora S. Sigesmund, Owner, Perlora, LP XVI
  • Eric Shiner, Director, The Andy Warhol Museum, LP XXVI
  • Dr. Steven E. Sokol, President and CEO, World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh, LP XXII
  • Gregory R. Spencer, CEO, Randall Enterprises, LLC, LP XII
  • Dianne Swann, Executive Director, Rosedale Block Cluster, Inc., LP XVIII
  • Kristy Trautman, Executive Director, FISA Foundation, LP XXVI
  • Thomas J. Usher, Ph.D., Retired Chairman of the Board, US Steel Corporation, LP I

Click Here for a comprehensive list of our LP Alumni.

Components of the Leadership Pittsburgh Program

In addition to two retreats, each year’s class typically meets from 8 a.m.– 5 p.m. on one Thursday a month. The schedule is determined several months in advance. Credits are assigned to each session and most activities. Participants are required to earn a predetermined number of credits to complete the program. More credits are offered than required for program completion in order to allow participants flexibility in arranging their personal schedules.

Welcome Reception

Initial Retreat Weekend - Attendance is not optional for this all day Friday and partial-day Saturday session in September. The retreat is conducted at the Family Resources Retreat Center in Mars, PA. and does require an overnight stay.

Monthly Program Sessions - All sessions are typically held on one Thursday per month at varying locations within our community.

Regional Policy Trip to Harrisburg - An overnight experience in Harrisburg that engages the LP class members with government officials and public policy issues that affect our region.

Additional Program Experiences - These could include interviews with community leaders, community site visits and Learning Group experiences.

Click Here to download the LP XXXI 2014-2015 schedule.

Click Here to download the tentative LP XXXII 2015-2016 schedule.

Click Here to watch a video describing the LP Program.

How much is tuition for Leadership Pittsburgh?

Tuition for the current Leadership Pittsburgh program is $4,900 per participant, and is due upon acceptance into the program. Payment plans are available but must be arranged in advance upon acceptance into the class.

A limited number of partial scholarships are available and are primarily intended to assist participants from not-for-profit organizations with limited resources. Participants seeking tuition assistance will be asked to complete a statement of financial need and should submit their request for assistance with their application. Tuition assistance information can be requested by emailing info@lpinc.org. Acceptance into Leadership Pittsburgh is not influenced by the need for tuition assistance.

What is the Leadership Pittsburgh application and selection process?

Leadership Pittsburgh applications are due the first Friday in May each year for the class that starts each September. A selection committee reviews applications during the months of May and June. Applicants accepted for admission to Leadership Pittsburgh are notified in early July.

A letter of support from the organization that employs the applicant, as well as letters of recommendation from persons familiar with the applicant's abilities and skills, are strongly recommended at the time of application. Self-employed individuals are also encouraged to apply. The selection committee seeks to have each class of Leadership Pittsburgh represent a diverse cross section of our community, that is: diverse by race, gender, occupation and personal experience.

View a listing of the LP XXXI 2014-2015 Class

For a listing of more graduates see our list of board members and staff