New Voices New Eyes

  • Agnew_Reed Reed Agnew
    Principal, ThoughtForm
  • Alice Alice Doesn’t Live There Anymore
  • Alberto Almarza Alberto J. Almarza
    Instructor, Pittsburgh High School for the Creative and Performing Arts.
  • Marty Ashby Marty Ashby
    Executive Producer of MCG Jazz
  • Christine Astorino Christine Astorino
    CEO, fathom
  • Charlee Brodsky Charlee Brodsky
    Professor of Photography, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Jeffrey Carpenter Jeffrey Carpenter
    Founder, Bricolage Production Company
  • Dr. Cheryl Charles Dr. Cheryl Charles
    President, and CEO, the Children and Nature Network
  • Yu-Ling Cheng Yu-Ling Cheng
    Director of Marketing, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
  • Joshua Colbert Joshua Colbert
    Author, Male by Birth, Man by Choice
  • Dr. Liz Coleman Dr. Liz Coleman
    President, Bennington College
  • Midge Crickett Midge Crickett
    Nerdy and Verbose Cellist
  • Joachim dePosada Joachim dePosada
    Motivational Coach and Consultant
  • Tami Dixon Tami Dixon
    Founder, Bricolage Production Company
  • Paul Gertner Paul Gertner
  • Christina Ghubril Christina Ghubril
    Actor and Storyteller
  • Elizabeth Gilbert Elizabeth Gilbert
    Writer, Author "Eat, Pray, Love"
  • Brenda Bakker Harger Brenda Bakker Harger
    Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Lori Hepner Lori Hepner
    Assistant Professor, Penn State University
  • Dr. Kathy Humphrey Dr. Kathy Humphrey
    Vice Provost and Dean of Students, University of Pittsburgh
  • Frans Johansson Frans Johansson
    Author, The Medici Effect
  • Marcel Just Dr. Marcel Just
    Professor of Psychology and Director, Center for Cognitive Brain Imaging
  • Maxwell King Maxwell King
    Director, the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media
  • Dr. Ken Koedinger Dr. Ken Koedinger
    Professor of Human-Computer Interaction, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Rick Landesberg Rick Landesberg
    Landesberg Design
  • Dr. Peter Lee Dr. Peter Lee
    Director, Transformational Convergence Technology, DARPA
  • Dr. Susan Linn Dr. Susan Linn
    Associate Director, Media Center at the Judge Baker Children’s Center
  • Vivian Loftness Vivian Loftness
    Professor, School of Architecture, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Dr. Don Marinelli Dr. Don Marinelli
    Executive Director, Entertainment Technology Center, CMU
  • Mickey McManus Mickey McManus
    CEO and "chief mad scientist", MAYA Design
  • Tom Mitchell Dr. Tom Mitchell
    Professor of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Alexi Morrissey Alexi Morrissey
    Artist and Collaborator
  • Don Moyer Don Moyer
    Principal, ThoughtForm
  • Philomena O’Dea Philomena O’Dea
  • Dr. Vicki Phillips Dr. Vicki Phillips
    Director of Education Programs, Gates Foundation
  • Dr. Andrew Purves Dr. Andrew Purves
    Professor of Reformed Theology, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
  • Rives Rives
    Performance Poet
  • Sir Ken Robinson Sir Ken Robinson
    Creativity Expert
  • Katie Salen Katie Salen
    Professor of Design and Technology, Parsons New School for Design
  • Emma Steele Emma Steele
    Student, Carnegie Mellon School of Music
  • Dr. Stuart Sumida Dr. Stuart Sumida
    Professor of Biology, California State University at San Bernardino
  • Dovie Thomason Dovie Thomason
    Indigenous Cultural Storyteller
  • Dr. Laura Trice Dr. Laura Trice
    Therapist and Coach
  • Dr. Monica VanDieren Dr. Monica VanDieren
    Associate Professor of Mathematics, Robert Morris University
  • Dr. Luis von Ahn Dr. Luis von Ahn
    Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Scilla Wahrhaftig Scilla Wahrhaftig
    American Friends Service Committee
  • Michael Walsh Michael Walsh
    Dancer, Choreographer and Teacher


Charlee Brodsky,Professor of Photography, Carnegie Mellon University

A unique combination of photography, narrative and poetry that provides depth, insight and meaning to photographs of everyday life in India. (8 minutes)