Leadership Pittsburgh (LP) is a 10 month program for established senior-level leaders. This program continues to serve as a model for several others around the country.  Content area experts from the community serve as faculty to build the capacity of program participants who are leading this community now and will affect change in our region in the coming years. It not only engages and informs the senior leadership of our region’s companies but also creates meaningful bonds with others of their levels and diverse backgrounds. LP is an investment in the region -- and in the individual leader.

Leadership Pittsburgh’s unique format makes the Pittsburgh region your classroom.

From September through June, the once-a-month Leadership Pittsburgh sessions provides 60 participants with the exposure, experiences and connections that prepare them to tackle the challenges of senior leadership in our community. In less than 10 months, our participants get a deeper, behind-the-scenes understanding of the connected systems of the region, meet with the movers and shakers, view the community, its assets and opportunities in a new and profound way -- and above all, get super-energized to increase their impact.

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Application deadline extended for the 2020-2021 LP cohort - LP applications are due June 5, 2020

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Leadership Pittsburgh application and selection process?

Leadership Pittsburgh applications are due the first Friday in June for the 2020-2021 cohort  that starts in September 2020. Early applications are encouraged. Incentive tuition price for applications submitted by first Friday in May. All parts of the application must be complete to be considered. For a sample application including application questions, click here.

A selection committee reviews applications during the summer months. Applicants accepted for admission to Leadership Pittsburgh are notified in mid-August.

A letter of support from the organization that employs the applicant, as well as letters of recommendation from persons familiar with the applicant's abilities and skills (especially LPI alums!) are strongly recommended at the time of application. Self-employed individuals can also apply. The selection committee seeks to have each class of Leadership Pittsburgh represent a diverse cross section of our community, that is: diverse by race, gender, background, perspectives, occupation and personal experience.

How much is tuition? Is tuition assistance available?

Leadership Pittsburgh tuition is $5,900 per participant (please note that this is subject to change in the future). Early applications are encouraged. Incentive tuition price for applications submitted by first Friday in May (for 2020-2021 cohort) is $5,400. All parts of the application must be complete to be considered. 

Accepted applicants will receive an invoice which must be paid to ensure the spot in class. Payment plans are available but must be arranged in advance with our team.

A limited number of partial scholarships are available and are primarily intended to assist participants from not-for-profit organizations with limited resources. Participants seeking tuition assistance will be asked to complete a statement of financial need and should submit their request for assistance with their application. Tuition assistance information can be requested by emailing info@lpinc.org. Acceptance into Leadership Pittsburgh is not influenced by the need for tuition assistance.

What is the program schedule?

Following the initial overnight retreat, the class typically meets from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. on one Thursday each month. The schedule is determined several months in advance. Credits are assigned to each session and most activities. Participants are required to earn a predetermined number of credits to complete the program. More credits are offered than required for program completion in order to allow participants flexibility in arranging their personal schedules. Additionally, in the spring there is one overnight experience to Harrisburg.

Welcome Reception and Orientation - Is typically held in early-mid September. Attendance is not optional.

Initial Retreat Weekend - Attendance is not optional. This retreat is critical to the formation of the cohort and is held on a Thursday (overnight) to mid-day Friday in September. Retreat location typically is within 2 hours of driving distance from downtown Pittsburgh. Accommodations are covered by the tuition.

Monthly Program Sessions - All sessions are typically held from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. on one Thursday each month at varying locations within our community.

Regional Policy Trip to Harrisburg - An overnight experience in Harrisburg that engages the LP class members with policy formulation at the State Level. This overnight session typically takes place in early-mid May. Transportation and accommodations are included in the tuition.

Peer Groups - In order to create stronger bonds within the class and exposure to the broader LPI network, LP participants will engage in Peer Group experiences, requiring limited commitment (1-2 days) outside of scheduled program sessions. Additionally, LP participants will volunteer for 1 service day with The Mission Continues, engaging with veterans of our community as well as connect with LP classmates outside of regularly scheduled sessions in self-organized meet-and-greets. 

Additional Program Experiences - These could include, but are not limited to, interviews with community leaders, Police Ride-Alongs, volunteer opportunities, behind the scenes tours, etc.

Click Here to download the Tentative LP XXXVII 2020-2021 Schedule.  

What do the individual sessions focus on?

Sessions focus on awareness of key regional issues, discovering systems thinking, and developing a broader context for practice of leadership.

Thought leaders from across the community are engaged in planning and delivery of the sessions.

Each session location is different and conducive to the subject.

Site visits and group discussions create a highly experiential learning environment.

Session topics in recent years have included: Economic Development, Inclusion/Race Relations, Neighborhoods and Community Development, Local Government, Arts, Entrepreneurship, Transportation/Transit, Public Education, etc.

Who are Leadership Pittsburgh participants? 

Anyone with significant spheres of influence within the community and their organization, has the desire to expand his or her knowledge of the region, and is willing to make the time commitment of one day a month to successfully complete the program.

  • Established leaders in business, nonprofit, government and civic entities with significant spheres of influence
  • Ready to go behind the headlines, think creatively, and act collaboratively
  • Looking for a community leadership experience that captures their spirit of purpose, learning, and contribution
  • Seeking to broaden their professional networks and to make an even bigger contribution to their organization
  • New to the area OR have a renewed interest sparked by a new job, new inspiration, or new phase of life
  • Open to people, places and opportunities in the Greater Pittsburgh region
  • Willing to participate in monthly sessions from September through June with approximately 60 other high-achieving professionals
Who is in the Leadership Pittsburgh most recently graduated class?

Click here to view a listing of the LP XXXV 2018-2019 Class.

Who has graduated from Leadership Pittsburgh?

Click Here for a comprehensive list of our LP Alumni.

How can I refer someone to the learn more about this program?

Email info@lpinc.org today with your recommendation's contact information and we will get in touch with them to share more information regarding the program. Or use this REFERRER FORM to share their information. Thank you for helping to spread the word and strengthen our mission delivery!

Please use this separate form to submit a LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION that will accompany a potential candidate's application. 

I have been asked to write a letter of recommendation, now what?

The Leadership Pittsburgh Selection Committee heavily weighs the letters of recommendation in the application process. We strongly encourage each applicant to submit at least two letters of recommendation. Successful applications in prior years tend to be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from applicant’s CEO/head of business unit in addition to recommendations from LPInc. alumni (see under "Who has graduated from Leadership Pittsburgh?").

Recommendations are due in to the Leadership Pittsburgh Inc. office by 5:00 p.m. Friday, June 5 (same as the application itself). These can be submitted along with the application or separately via the online form; by fax to 412.392.4559; e-mail to info@lpinc.org; or mail to our office. 


LP 33 was life changing. As a class we started as individuals and finished as a group of wonderful friends who care about each other. I am so proud to have been a part of it.  
Fern G. Schwartz, LP XXXIII
Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Inc.